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Dig into top-tier excavating services

Whether you're looking to clear land for a new project or you're ready to lay a rough grade on your property, Cline Trucking & Excavating is standing by to help. And you'll always get a FREE estimate on your excavating project!

From backhoes and bulldozers to heavy-duty dump trucks, Cline Trucking & Excavating has the right equipment for your project. You can enjoy professional excavation for your residential or commercial property at competitive rates from our insured work crew.

Proper excavation involves more than just digging and moving earth. If you're untrained to operate the equipment or if you dig near underground utilities, you could face numerous problems. So leave the heavy lifting to the professionals at Cline Trucking & Excavation.

• Basements

• Barn pads

• Building pads

• Compaction with rollers

• Driveways

• Trenching and septic systems

Be sure you've got the right excavating equipment

Get all your excavation needs met in one place

Don't risk excavating your property on your own

Trust in Cline Trucking & Excavating's 30 years of experience to get your job done right - call today!


• Detention Basins

• Footers and foundations

• Pond and lake installations

• Land clearing

• Moving dirt and other materials

• Rough grading